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2020 Lifestyle Challenge

2020 Lifestyle Challenge - We’re all about tracking this year!

- John Thompson


We’re all about tracking this year! Each month, choose your adventure from the following list:

1.  Track your sleeping hours (you can use BTWB).

2.  Track your HRV (We use the app HRv4Training).

3.  Track your HR every few minutes while training — via app, HR monitor, or take the time to stop and take your pulse via finger on your wrist old school style.

4.  Track your food & drink (including water) intake (We use the app Cronometer because you get a detailed micro-nutrient breakdown).

5.  Track your “you” time: an activity that makes a positive difference in your well-being.

6.  Track your outside time.

7.  Track an activity you feel is negative in your life.

8.  Track your silent time: no TV/computer/phone screens or music/podcasts.

9.  Track your negative language — that is, the times you’re negative about your life, fitness, body, situation, progress, result, etc.

10.  Track your positive language. Note when you are being positive about life, others, situations, progress, results, change

You may notice that none of these lifestyle challenges have goals involved. Instead, they are about cultivating awareness of your everyday routines and the effects it has on your performance and mood. Will you notice some bad habits and trends? Probably. Will you discover some good trends? Hopefully (and if not, be sure to select the #9 challenge sometime soon)!


Whether or not you decide to take these measurements and use them to promote positive change is up to you. But at least you will have a frame of reference to understand the differences in your behavior. Also, repeats on challenges are allowed (and encouraged)! Say you tracked your sleep for January and then decided to be more conscious of adding hours…. Track it again in June to see if your baseline has risen.


Remember, measurements are not end results. They are simply a way for us to understand where we’re at and, perhaps, how we have progressed. But they are not the goal. The goal is to become more involved in our own process of becoming better people. So let’s track ourselves for 2020!


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