The DentonMAC Difference

At DentonMAC Conditioning, we take a unique approach to fitness by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and challenged to be their best. Our methodology is to meet you where you are at. We want you to be the best version of yourself. All you have to do is show up and work hard at your level.



Come work your positions, speed and power in the Olympic-style weightlifting movement (snatch, clean, jerk)! These 60 minute classes center around technique work, but also include core training and raw strength development.


Conditioning Classes

Our group classes are the heart of DentonMAC Conditioning. People of all athletic abilities, ages, and backgrounds complete a WOD (“Workout of the Day”), which may be scaled up or down for each individual.


Any adult interested in making themselves safer is welcome to join this personal self defense workshop. Our 50 minute weekly sessions will cover the basics of SPEAR n theory and application.

New To CrossFit

Beginning a new conditioning program can be intimidating whatever your fitness level. Our goal at DentonMAC Conditioning is to meet you where you are at and support you along the way. Our coaches are skilled and equipped to assist you as you progress.

Your safety is our highest priority. As you encounter new movements, you will be coached through each point of performance. Your coach will ensure each movement can be performed safely and efficiently. Coaches will also suggest appropriate scaled movements as needed, allowing you opportunity to progress toward more complex movements.

You will participate in our regular Conditioning Group Classes with other supportive gym members. Each class focuses on progressive movements that build up to each skill and is designed with modifications for every fitness level.



Owner | Conditioning Instructor

John Thompson

Owner | Conditioning Instructor

Kalah Thompson

Conditioning Instructor

Matt Doyle

Conditioning Instructor

Jason Bodine

Conditioning Instructor

Abby Lazar

Conditioning Instructor

Leslie Evans

School Rules


1.  When I walk in the box, I bring my best.

Every minute, every second, I bring my best. Every time I hurt, I sweat, I yell, I fail, I succeed, I bring my best. I leave my worst outside the box.

2.  I crush all those who oppose me, namely myself.

I crush the wind pushing against me, the bar taunting my shaking body, my body yelling its insecurities. I crush my ego. I don’t die — I modify. If I can’t run, I walk. If I can’t walk, I crawl. Life is constant motion, and so is the blood and air in my body. When I die, then I can stop moving.

3.  Cheating is for the weak of spirit, mind, and body.

I am here to make myself stronger, so cheating is not an option. If I am not tired at the end of the workout, then I have not given my all. This is cheating.

4.  I am not finished with the workout until my boxmates are finished.

When I finish, I will cheer them on to the end, reminding them that form equals power, and that they will succeed. When I am not finished, my boxmates will do the same for me. We are sharing the same air and space. We are one; we are team.

5.  I will express myself.

I will yell, whisper, shriek, clap, curse, grunt when I succeed and fail. I will wear my excitement on my brow right along with the sweat dripping on the floor. I have the privilege to forge myself into something special, and I will show my pride.

6.  My name is important.

It is the sweetest sound on my ears. The sweetest sound on my tongue is using my boxmates’ names so I can make their ears tingle with the same music when I am cheering them on to new heights. I will kick out 20 burpees in honor of every boxmate whose name I do not know. Your name is important.

7.  Dress codes are for upscale clubs and proms.

I didn’t come to dance. I came dressed with an attitude to succeed and push on to the next level. How do I look?

8.  When I leave the box I tell my worst there is no room left, because I am at my best.

Reviews from you

I dropped in for 3 days while in town to visit family. The coaches were fantastic and the athletes were very welcoming. Every single one went out of their way to come introduce themselves to me and welcome me. By the end of the 3 days, they'd made me feel so at home that I felt like I was leaving old friends. The programming was very good, and I even hit a new 2 rep power clean PR while there. I highly recommend this box to anyone. They will gladly welcome you. Thank you all for your hospitality!!


I was a member of Crossfit Denton for about 2-3 years. Crossfit Denton has an excellent community and devoted coaches. John and Kalah are very invested in their members and are great coaches. All the coaches do not just sit around during classes, but are actively involved, helping out athletes and providing feedback on how to improve their training. Coaches also place a high emphasis on training with proper technique and keeping their members safe. Also, it's evident that John and Kalah are constantly educating themselves to improve their coaching and organization. If it weren't for me relocating to another city and state, I would still be happily training at Crossfit Denton!


Some people have a natural ability to train and that is exactly how I feel about John and Kalah. Every class they have pushed me to be better and have also been very helpful on technique. I have seen a significant improvement in my body and my weightlifting technique while also learning from the classes I have taken and look forward to many more!


I have been attending CrossFit Denton for a little over 8 months now and I love it! The coaches are very good about keeping their athletes safe and emphasizing proper technique and form. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I'm hooked



Contact us with any questions about our programs or the registration process. Schedule a visit with us during our open hours to check out our facility. We look forward to working with you!

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At  DentonMAC, we take a unique approach to fitness by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and challenged to be their best.

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