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COVID 19 Response Plan

1) Social Distancing: Everyone in class will be stationed in 6×6’ squares that are themselves 6’ apart from other squares. Within your square will be your own hand disinfectant and a spray bottle of disinfectant for your equipment, along with a towel for cleaning. BRING YOUR OWN towel for sweat.

2) Entry/Exit: We will use the lobby door as our entrance and the side door as our exit. Right before class begins, the front door will be locked as building capacity is currently limited to 25% occupancy (13 people, not including employees). Please ensure that you are on time to class so that you are not inadvertently locked out.

3) Disinfecting hands: Hand sanitizer use is mandatory on the way in and on the way out of the facility. There will be hand disinfectant in both locations available to you. Single-use, disposable gloves are optional but not mandatory. You may NOT wear gloves that are reusable, as these are actually more dangerous than bare hands. Why? The health professionals we’ve consulted state that gloves are more hazardous than clean bare hands — especially when they are used multiple times and move from site to site. Disinfecting hands and touching only your own equipment is a safer way to go.

4) Masks: You must wear a mask when you enter and exit the building, and anytime you are walking to your station or gathering equipment. Within your personal 6×6’ square — at a 6′ distance from others — you may take it off if you prefer to workout without it. Why? With the mask on, you inhale your own CO2 and may limit your body’s ability to take in more oxygen. We have members with asthma and other respiratory issues who cannot safely exercise in a mask. However… It is important to remember that your mask is there to protect otherpeople. Which is why we are making it mandatory whenever you are within 6′ of anyone else (i.e., outside your square).

5) Class sizes/times: For the foreseeable future, classes will be limited to fewer than 8 people to guarantee ample social distancing. Most classes (including all CrossFit classes) will be 40 minutes in duration with 20 minutes between. This allows coaches to disinfect the floors/mat and the bathrooms between each class. It also ensures that we don’t exceed capacity limitations, as one group will have time to leave the building so that the next group may enter.

6) Thank you in advance! We know that these are trying times for us all and each person is doing their best to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Please continue to demonstrate the respect and courtesy you have always shown to others in the box/dojo by cooperating fully with these guidelines. If you have concerns, please reach out to us privately — in person or by email — outside of class time.


At  DentonMAC, we take a unique approach to fitness by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and challenged to be their best.

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