The DentonMAC Martial Arts Difference

The Denton Martial Arts Center focuses on the cultivation of a better person in all aspects mind, body, and spirit. Through dedicated practice of the arts offered at our facility, the sincere student will grow into the fullest, best version of themselves.


DentonMAC Martial Arts School Mission

Denton Martial Arts Center is a school that pursues a true martial arts’ path- one that allows the student to evolve into a better person. While we learn to defend and protect ourselves, friends, and family, against the unknown, the bigger challenge is to defend ourselves against our own internal struggles.


Martial Arts Instructors

Owner | Head Aikido Instructor

John Thompson

Head Karate-Do Instructor

Juan Pablo Villarroel

Head Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor

Jon Bjorksten

Head Judo Instructor

Idean Salehyan

Aikido Instructor

Jeff Hodges

Aikido Instructor|Iron Bell

Matt Bourbon

Kids Aikido Instructor

Sarah Lowe

Kids Aikido Instructor

Clark A. Pomerleau

Reviews from you

Great for the whole family. We had our daughter going and if we did not have to move we would still be there.


The sensei and the sempais are great. Very friendly, very knowledgeable and know how to work hard as well as have fun.


Sensei John is a natural and experienced teacher. He keeps the kids engaged, motivated and having fun. I wish we had found this school sooner!


Such a wonderful experience for kids. My daughter can't wait for classes. The entire philosophy is built on respect... They teach kids how to use their own strength to overcome an opponent, not to injure but to peacefully disarm and disengage. The instructors show kids the courtesy and respect that they demand and are firm and positive with the students. We couldn't be happier!


Amazing place to train , and amazing family atmosphere, if your looking for a journey then you need to look no further...


News Events

Aikido Of Denton

FWB & Aikido Of Denton Offer Free Self Defense


Contact us with any questions about our programs or the registration process. Schedule a visit with us during our open hours to check out our facility. We look forward to working with you!

1071 Shady Oaks Ste 100
Denton, TX 76205


At  DentonMAC, we take a unique approach to fitness by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and challenged to be their best.

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday:
08:15 – 11:30  |   4:15 – 7:30

08:15 – 1:50

08:50 – 11:30

Our Socials