What is Karate-do?

Karate-Do translates as “the way of the empty hand,” an unarmed, defensive art
with a history that spans many centuries, originating in the Shaolin fighting arts of
China and later developing in the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa, Japan). The Karate
we teach at DentonMAC is a traditional Japanese/Okinawan style called Hayashi-Ha
Shito-Ryu Kai; established in 1970 by Soke Teruo Hayashi (1924-2004).

Classes of Karate-do following the principles of Martial Arts and Budo. DentonMAC
offer a comprehensive class where discipline, physical training and practice of
Karate techniques are combined to facilitate the student’s harmony between body,
mind and soul, developing a tool for life that allows them to improve in their
studies, work and family.

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