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Martial Arts School Mission

In today’s fast paced world, many people have lost touch with one of the most basic benefits of being human- movement. Stuck behind computers and cars for inordinate amounts of the day, many people have been shut out from an opportunity to move through space in unique and meaningful ways. The martial arts are a great remedy to this quagmire. The DentonMAC offers a safe, clean facility with teachers dedicated to passing on their art and knowledge to grow not only the art, but the physical and mental integrity of the student base.

DentonMAC Martial Arts Program is a school that pursues a true martial arts’ path- one that allows the student to evolve into a better person. While we learn to defend and protect ourselves, friends, and family, against the unknown, the bigger challenge is to defend ourselves against our own internal struggles.

When you join DentonMAC, you are allowed to train at ANY of the classes listed. Pick which art or teacher fits your liking. Train all at the same time. Our concept is to provide

you with a school that gives perspective on all phases of martial arts: striking; grappling/throws; ground work; and weapons.

All are welcome. You need no experience to start training at the DentonMAC. The instructors will meet you at your level, and help you progress at your pace. The classes are well structured and meant to challenge you to grow into the best version of yourself.


At  DentonMAC, we take a unique approach to fitness by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and challenged to be their best.

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday:
08:15 – 11:30  |   4:15 – 7:30

08:15 – 1:50

08:50 – 11:30

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