Ready to Move

Ready to move?

DentonMAC has you covered.


Whether you’re interested in CrossFit, one of several Martial Arts, or Olympic Weightlifting, our facility has a program that’s right for you. If you’re not sure what is right for you, try them all. Some people need to punch and kick in Karate-do, others need to climb a rope in CrossFit (we’ll get you up there). The Denton MAC is about a culture of movement that promotes healthy lifestyles and life long learners.
*All options cover adult classes.*

Want to put your toe in the water?

$30 for 10 Days

Are you ready to jump in?

3 Months for $350

In it for the long haul?

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Common Questions and Misconceptions

Do I need to get in shape before I start a program?

No! Every one of our programs has instructors who are tuned into the individual client inside a group setting. We will find scaled movements that will build you up over time. Beginners are welcome.

Are classes open gym, or led by an instructor?

All classes are led by an instructor in an hour long session. Proper warm-ups, skill builds, intensity, and cool-downs are part of every class. Denton MAC instructors are a tight knit group who take pride in their students’ success.

I’ve heard CrossFit is dangerous. Is that true?

At the Denton MAC, our coaching staff and programming focuses on technique and proper movement first. We work smarter so we can go harder. At first you may be asked to scale movements so that you may learn proper mechanics before performing more complex skills. Trust the process.

I watch MMA, I don’t want to fight in a cage.

No worries. Very few people who train martial arts train for professional fights. Each art has its own methodology, but all of the instructors teach grounded martial principles that allow for self development through learned physical skills.

I want to do both CrossFit and Martial Arts. Is that allowed?

Yes. All programs are open to you through our membership packages. We do ask you be mindful of your body as you acclimate to a new routine. Physical conditioning does help with the martial arts. And the martial arts are a great way to flex your athleticism in unexpected and mentally challenging ways.

At  DentonMAC, we take a unique approach to fitness by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and challenged to be their best.

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