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Is DentonMAC right for you?

$30 for 10 Days

What you get— This ten day primer is an entry point to see if our school is a good match for your fitness and health journey. In ten days you may try several of our programs whether martial arts or conditioning. You will meet our community of great people and see how it fits your schedule. This option is also open for kids trying out our martial arts program. This option is for first time members only.


Ready to jump in?

3 Months for $240

What you get— Access to our whole schedule of CrossFit and Martial Art group classes. This package also includes the use of Beyond the Whiteboard, an online tracking system that shows our workout programming in advance, and allows you to record your progress. With regular attendance you’re going to see and feel the difference after three months. This option is for first time members only.


UNT Judo Club

1 Semester Unlimited Judo Only for $150

What you get—  Access to all three judo classes each week. This offer is for college students only, and does not include access to CrossFit or the other martial arts programs.

Join Us

$128 Monthly Autopay

What you get– This is an autopay tuition that drafts on the same day each month. As long as you keep your membership current, the price is grandfathered from any rate changes that may occur in the future. However, we do ask for one month’s notice to cancel.



What you get—Access to any class we offer on the regular schedule. This punch card has no expiration date, and is cost effective against drop in rates.

Prefer a little extra attention?

3 Private Classes for $150

What you get— Three one-on-one hour classes with a certified CrossFit coach or Martial Arts instructor to assess your personal needs moving forward. You will also get a great tailored workout to start you on your fitness journey. This is for those who want a personalized track before transitioning to the group setting.

Just Visiting!

Drop In for $25

Are you an out of town CrossFitter or martial artist looking for a great workout? Here’s our one day drop-in option to get you moving while you’re away from home.

Schedule a Meet and Greet

Want to meet a coach, see the facility, perhaps ask a few questions in person?
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At  DentonMAC, we take a unique approach to fitness by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and challenged to be their best.

Operating Hours

Monday – Friday:
08:15 – 11:30  |   4:15 – 7:30

08:15 – 1:50

08:50 – 11:30

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